Trimat has worked on major commercial and private airports throughout North Carolina and the South East. We have the equipment and experience to ensure the highest standards in runway smoothness and durability. Our work cannot be matched by any other local testing firm.  

Trimat can provide personnel to conduct various tests on pavement markings to ensure airfield markings last longer and provide excellent performance as outlined in IPRF Report 01-G-002-05. Trimat conducts various site specific analyses, inspections, investigations, and training in airfield markings. Our reports offer recommendations on materials, surface preparation, marking removal, application procedures, best management practices.




Pavement Smoothness Testing

Trimat can conduct laser profiling of runways and taxiways. Collected data can be calculated in California Profilograph, International Roughness Index, Boeing Bump, or other format as required. Data is presented in tables in addition to our standard graphical representations.

Our profilograph is a Model 8200 high speed laser profiling device manufactured by Ames Engineering. The truck mounted device is equipped with two RoLine 3 KHz lasers designed and built by LMI technologies. Sampling more than 16,000 times per second, the lasers are capable of creating an exact reproduction of the road surface in digital form. Coupled with on board accelerometers, the lasers are capable of producing data for any known standard of ride quality. The lasers are not sensitive to surface texture. The Ames High Speed Profiler meets or exceeds the following requirements: ASTM E950 Class 1 profiler specifications, AASHTO PP 51-02 and Texas test method TEX 1001-S.

Asphalt Rejuvenation Testing

Trimat can provide lab and field testing for the application of asphalt rejuvenation products. Field testing consists of monitoring the rejuvenation operations, taking samples of the emulsified asphalt product for quality assurance testing, and core sample extraction prior to and after rejuvenation. Lab testing includes viscosity, complex modulus and phase angle as per the P-632 specifications.

Macro Texture Testing

Trimat can provide Macro Texture Testing using the grease smear, sand patch, hydro-timer, Arizona 742, or laser scan methods. These tests will be performed in general accordance with FAA and FHWA guidelines.

Mix Design Services

Trimat has successfully designed hundreds of Portland and asphaltic concrete mixes for the NC Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration, municipalities, contractors, and producer plants. Trimat can produce a custom tailored mix design for structural and roadway applications within the project based on actual materials being used. Trimat can provide mix designs for:

  • Structural Concrete

  • ”Green” Concrete

  • ”Green” Asphalt

  • FAA P-401, P-403

  • FAA P501

  • SuperPave Hot Mix Asphalt

  • Warm Mix Asphalt

Pavement Condition Analysis

Trimat has recently outfitted our laboratory and has acquired the necessary training and equipment to perform fuel resistance testing for coal tar emulsions and slurry seals as per the specifications of Item P 631.

Pavement Composition

Trimat’s laboratory is fully equipped and capable of determining the properties of existing asphalt pavements. Trimat can determine layer thickness, compaction, mix type, gradation, asphalt content, and general adherence to NCDOT specifications at time of original placement.



RDU Runway Maintenance

Trimat technicians and project professionals provided testing services for the concrete being placed on runway 5/23R and asphalt design services for runway 5/23L. This project included slab replacement with high early concrete and normal 650 flex concrete. 

Coastal Carolina Regional Airport (EWN) Runway Resurfacing

Trimat provided asphalt roadway technicians for this project to perform density testing and ensure the contractor achieved the correct compaction for the P401 mix being placed. This project had to be completed during off hours for this growing airport. 

RDU Park and Ride 3

Trimat provided concrete and asphalt technicians to test the new concrete and asphalt pavements being placed at the RDU Park and Ride 3 off of Aviation Parkway. This project entails replacing the bus lanes and damaged pavement throughout the Park and Ride lot. 

RDU International Airport

Trimat currently provides runway friction testing service to RDU International Airport for both runways. This service is provided for pre and post rubber removal operations and as a general safety check for these highly trafficked runways.

Rocky Mount Regional Airport

Trimat conducted extensive asphalt testing to ensure that new application of rejuvenator would not adversely affect an existing surface treatment. Testing included viscosity, complex modulus, and MIST testing. 

Asheville Airport

Trimat provided onsite QA services for a recent runway and taxiway restoration project.   Trimat also provided paint and rejuvenator testing.