Testing is the foundation on which Trimat was built. Trimat has an AASHTO Accredited testing laboratory and has maintained this accreditation for over a decade. We are committed to exceeding standards of testing and delivering solid results that can be applied to the success of our clients.

Accreditation and Certification

Trimat can provide testing on projects that require:

  • NCDOT certifications for laboratory or technicians

  • Accreditation to ASTM E 329, D 3666, D3740, C1077, and AASHTO R18.


  • Flat and Elongated

  • Specific Gravity/Absorption (Coarse and Fine)

  • ABC Quality Control Testing

  • Gradation (Coarse and Fine)


  • Laboratory analysis of the properties of soil and rock

  • Soil Classifications

  • Standard/Modified Proctors

  • Atterberg Limits

  • Organic Content of soils

  • Grain size analysis/Gradation

  • CBR Testing

  • Full Depth reclamation (FDR) design

  • Cement Layer Mix design

 Concrete Testing – Laboratory

  • 3 point Concrete Mix Designs

  • NCDOT Pavement Mix Designs

  • P501 Mix Designs

  • Compressive strength testing, cores, mortar cubes, beams and cylinders

  • Flexural testing of PCC Beams

 Asphalt Testing – Laboratory

  • Full Superpave mix designs

  • P401 and P403 Mix designs

  • Bulk and Maximum specific gravity tests

  • Chemical extraction

  • Recovery of asphalt by Rotovap method

  • HMA Ignition extraction

  • TSR Testing

  • Performance grading of asphalt binder

  • RAP stockpile extraction and grading

  • Asphalt Mixture Ignition Furnace Calibration Factors

  • Asphalt Compressive Strength testing

  • Asphalt Mixture Performance Testing (AMPT)

  • Hamburg Test using Smart Tracker System

  • Crack Testing - IDEAL - CT (Crack testing index) and semi-Circular Bend (SCB) Test (I-Fit analysis)

  • Indirect Tensile Strength Test

  • Moisture Sensitivity Testing (MIST)

  • Tensile Strength Ratio

  • Stripping of Asphalt Mixtures using Boil Test

  • Cohesion and Adhesion damage in asphalt mixtures using MIST