Trimat has over 10 years experience designing, inspecting and testing asphalt and concrete.  We have been engaged with projects ranging from residential driveways to international airport runways across North Carolina and the southeast. Trimat is committed to delivering quality mix designs, while ensuring that they meet and exceed the testing standards set forth by specifying agencies. 

Watch Trimat partner with Fred Smith to provide quality assurance testing.

Asphalt Mix Designs

Full Asphalt Mix Designs performed in house from start to finish including aggregate property testing and submittals to DOT’s or Contracting Engineers.  

  • P401 Asphalt Designs

  • Superpave Asphalt Mix Designs

  • Warm Mix Asphalt Mix Designs

  • Marshall Asphalt Mix Designs

  • Recycled Asphalt Mix Designs

  • SMA (Stone Matrix Asphalt) Mix Designs

  • Concrete Mix Designs for Roadways

  • P501 Concrete Mix Designs

Trimat's RTP, NC Laboratory meets ASTM D3666 for FAA/NAVFAC mix designs.

Laser Inertial Profiling - ASTM E950 & ALDOT 448-12

Skyline Drive, waynesboro, va

Skyline Drive, waynesboro, va

Trimat Materials Testing now has the capability to provide pavement smoothness testing utilizing the Ames 8200 High Speed Laser profiler equipped with dual 3 kHz RoLine texture lasers. This device has the ability to calculate Profile Index (PI), International Roughness Index (IRI), Half-car Roughness Index (HRI), Ride Quality Index (RQI), and Ride Number (RN).

Trimat is now certified with the State of Alabama and our device and operators meet ALDOT 448-12.

Trimat at the NCAT Test Track in Auburn

Trimat at the NCAT Test Track in Auburn

The RoLine 3kHz lasers, built by LMI Selcom features include:

  • Best choice for use on ground or longitudinally tined concrete surfaces

  • Reduces inflated IRI and PI values caused by pavement texture

  • Bridges transverse and longitudinal joints; and reduces their effect on profile measurements

  • Better profiler repeatability on textured surfaces, meets ASTM E 950

  • Currently in use for QC/QA testing by state DOT’s as well as paving contractors

North Carolina is in the process of moving from the current Hearne Straightedge for acceptance to this more advanced technology and Trimat can provide this service for any NCDOT project. We can arrive onsite at anytime during the construction process, and within a few hours complete our testing. This device can be used under traffic with no adverse effects to the traveling public, or used on new construction to monitor smoothness so any corrections can be made if necessary.

The Ames 8200 meets or exceeds ASTM E950 Class 1 profiler specifications, and AASHTO PP 51-02.



US-70 Goldsboro Bypass

After almost 10 years of construction, the Goldsboro bypass opened on Friday May 27th, 2016. Trimat performed laser profiling for this entire project, 20 miles! If you use this road and enjoy the ride, you can thank the fine paving contractors, ST Wooten and Barnhill, and give us a little credit too for ensuring a smooth pavement. Read the story.  


I-440 Fortify Laser Profile Testing

Trimat has contracted with Granite Construction to provide laser profile testing for this high profile project on the Raleigh Beltline. 

Town of Cary ST 1236 Pavement Evaluation

Asphalt/Concrete Mix Designs

Trimat has designed hundreds of asphalt and concrete mix designs that are being utilized on highways and airports in and around North Carolina. Our staff offers the most extensive experience for designing, testing, and troubleshooting all type of asphalt and concrete designs.